Since 1992 Small Business Capital Corporation (SBCC), a non-profit organization has assisted over 275 small businesses through the SBA 504 program in obtaining long-term, fixed rate financing. SBCC stimulates the local economy through increased productivity and has helped to create over 2,400 jobs through a partnership with local banks exceeding $446 million in total project costs.

October 504 Effective Rate:

25 year fixed: 3.48%
20 year fixed: 3.4%
10 year fixed: 3.484%

Interest Rates are determined by adding a fixed increment to the market rate of five and ten year U.S. Treasury issues. Maturities may be 10, 20 or 25 years. 20 year and 25 year debentures are sold every month while 10 year debentures are sold every other month.

Use of Funds for SBA 504 Program
  • Land acquisition and improvements

  • New building construction

  • Purchase of existing building or buildings

  • Purchase of machinery & equipment having a useful life of 10 years

  • Leasehold improvements

  • Limited Refinancing
SBA 504 Advantage
  • Fixed, below market interest rate

  • Long-term maturity

  • Low down payment

  • Up to 90% financing of project cost